Thursday, March 24, 2016

April 1 is Sad Day for Art in Williamsburg

As April 1 approaches, I can't help but feel a little sad. Not only is New Town Art Gallery closing its doors, but the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Education Center will no longer be open.

The closure of the Art Education Center is disappointing for many area artists. When it opened in 2012 on Westover Avenue, there was a feeling of excitement. I was fortunate to to be one of the exhibiting artists in January and February 2013 and hung a show of the pastel paintings from my coffee table book, Hotels to Remember. Three other artists exhibited with me those two months, and we had a lovely opening reception on a Friday evening along with another event that Saturday featuring a band. It was a fun time. I've also taught several workshops, including "Painting Like Georgia", in the facility and had several more workshops scheduled for this spring.
"Hotel to Remember Show at the Art Education Center" ©MM Sikes

"Renee Kennedy resident artist New Town ©MMSikes
When I visited New Town Art Gallery last week, there was a feeling of sadness in the air. The gallery was beautiful, as always, and I once again admired the special lighting throughout the space. Everyone in the New Town area and beyond is going to miss the artistic atmosphere that surrounded the space. They will miss the unique attention to creative detail the artists brought. They will miss the opportunity to visit a very special location, if only to browse for a moment during a lunch break.

There are just a few days left. Please visit New Town Art Gallery.
"New Town Art Gallery interior" ©MM Sikes